Wild Nidhogg

Dragon of Mad Rampage




Poison (not elemental, but still dangerous)


Dragon of Arcana (Chapter 8 + Arcana Quest)
Howling Dragon (Chapter 9)


Enraged Nidhogg



Weak Points


Stun Points


Melee Sequence

Phase 1: []
Phase 2: /\
Phase 3: O, []
Final Phase: X, /\

Introduction Edit

Wild Nidhogg is the eighth boss you will encounter in the game. The Nidhogg you encounter in the tutorial is not wild; so they're the same in name, but not in strength, color and ability. Also, the Wild Nidhogg's breath is poison while Nidhogg's breath is fire.


Tail Whip: Wild Nidhogg slams its tail on the ground then sweeps the floor. (Note: It is much like to Bahamut's Tail Whip, it can be comboed when Wild Nidhogg enters rage mode. The combo is much like of High Drake Shade double tail whip.)

Charge: Wild Nidhogg readies itself, then charges.

Summon: Wild Nidhogg will call reinforcements, then will fly up where he'll bombard the player(s) until the reinforcements are dead. (note: It is much like the Nidhogg in the tutorial, except it is poison not fire.)

Poison Breath: Wild Nidhogg inhales, then unleashes a deadly poison breath in front of itself (Side note: It sweeps from left to right (right to left if you're behind it).

Walk About: It will try to stomp you. (Note: The attack has a small hitbox)

Landing Slam: When it lands after you finish off the reinforcements, it will land with a delayed body slam.

Melee Duel SequenceEdit

[] | /\ | O [] | X /\

Item DropsEdit

  • Wyvern's Tail (Breakable)
  • Wyvern Bone

Titles gainedEdit

  • Shattering Soul-Defeat Wild Nidhogg 5 times.

Known BugsEdit

  • If you use any damaging or KO Ultimate Spells while Nidhogg is in the air and at least one summoned monster remains, when Nidhogg comes back on it's feet after the spell, it will once again summon monsters and rise into the sky. This can be considered a game exploit as it renders Nidhogg unable to escape while being damaged by the spells (Confirmed with Grendel Ultimate Spell). -AShOnikiri


  • In Norse mythology, Nidhogg (also spelled Nidhoggr, amongst others) is a great serpent that lies at the foot of Yggdrasil, the world tree, beneath the surface of the earth. Nidhogg gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasil, and can survive Ragnarok by devouring the corpses of slain warriors that float to him during that world-ending battle.
  • Nidhogg's, as well as his other version's theme is "Vs. Guardian II".