Siegfried Mk. Zero, beat him and your one step away from the "best" armor in the game.

Arcana QuestEdit

Client Commission Details
Veddel Your Highness!! Every beginning must have an end. But don't be sad. Every end is also a new beginning. Now, go out there and show them what you can do! We'll be waiting for you to return as the true Lord Ruler!


Equip your best Armor set and have at least the Eye of the Gods, Eye of the Seeker(optional) Healing, and Attack Insight/Acumen and/or Defense Insight/Acumen Orbs.

For magic I personally use fire magic and Grendal.

Items: High Potion, X-Potion, Elixir, Drop of Life, Water of Life, Regen, High Regen, Cardiac Brew, Mana Crystal, Divine Drink, Armor Salve, light Fragment, and Sacrifice Charm.

Gate Guardians in Sectors 11, 4, 14.

Tip: Before Battling use both attack and defense boost and replenish when run out or dead, but not during battle unles its the boss. The one trick you use in this mission the most is to attack behind them, and block alot.

11: You fight two Hickory Haunts.

14: You fight two Hickory Haunts and one Pullux Z.

4: You fight two Dark Finvarras.

Netherworld Portal opens in sector 3, be careful not to fight any Dark Finvarra in Both secter 8 and 3 [both are filled with 3-5? them] And the Second Netherworld Portal opens in sector 3. so right after your fight with Vermillion Gamma, be ready to enter the portal or face the Dark Finvarrs Wrath [insert evil laughter].

First Boss fight: Vermillion Gamma; attack when you can and when he will teleport Block and just when he teleports dogde, so you'll dogde his "quick attack" and then he open for attack. if he does his three hit move at least try block first two but dogde the third to try not to "overheat" then not be able to block. if he does the beam 1-If close Dogde/Block then strike. 2-If far go to the middle and hopefully he'll teleport again thten you'll be closer if he does the beam again.

Second Boss Fight: Siegfried Mk.Zero, with one Pollux Z and one Frost Coeurl; focus one Pollux Z, once he is gone Frost Coeurl ran away and Siegfried Mk. Zero is all alone. The key is to wait till he attacks the dogde to his back and attack but not too much because he's fast, keep going until he is almost half way dead (the screen tilts) before you smash the cirlce button hopefully you still have a cardiac brew for part two. Once the second part starts he will start to run towards you and also you can't use magic after a while he be in "rage mode" (turns dark and his attacks are way stronger.) until he calms down you have no choice but to run away but keep in mind you stamina, try, try, try not to overheat. once he calms down go near him and when he attacks go behind and use the light fragment and "unleash all you might on him" when he wakes do it again wait, magic, strike. Remember use Grendel when ever you can.

NOTE: written guide while passing the mission.