In this u gotta kill some bone assassins then hunt down the boss. The boss will have a Pollux along with him. boss can shoot fireballs across entire field and deals HUGE damage. Thats all I can tell ya. -.-'

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Area 1: Two Bone Assassins are roaming around in the over world, you fight two Bone Assassins in each fight. Fighting the one on the left unlocks the right door and vice versa. 

Area 2: Nothing of importance. Box with a Hi-Potion, if needed.

Area 3: Kill the High Drake Shade to unlock the door to Area 6. The High Drake Shade has a Pollux with it. Box with a Thunder Fragment, if needed. Might drop a X-Potion.

Area 4: Nothing of importance. Crystal in this area.

Area 5: Nothing of importance. Bahamut Quietus will sometimes show here.

Area 6: Bahamut Quietus is most likely here. Box with a Mana Crystal, if needed.

Area 7: Nothing of importance. Box with a Cardiac Brew, if needed.

Area 8: Troll Fiend to unlock the door to areas 4 and 9. Might drop a Hi-Potion. Box with a X-Potion, if needed.

Area 9: Nothing of importance.

When you're fighting Bahamut Quietus, a Pollux will be with him. I suggest having your spell meter completely full and using it as soon as you enter the fight. You want to kill the Pollux first while watching Bahamut. Beware: Bahamut can use his Mega Flare before even entering his dark form. You can fight Bahamut the same as you always have, but watch out as all his attacks are strengthened. His back flip and charge now has fire surrounding him. Also, he throws his fire balls further and they have an almost guaranteed flame effect.