Takemikazuchi! is the second Arcana Quest the player unlocks after finishing quests in Chapter 2. It introduces the Master Guardian Takemikazuchi who governs Kamma Wind Cave. Beating this quest would unlock it in Chapter 2 and unlock Chapter 3 in the Quest Counter.

Quest DetailEdit

Arcana QuestEdit

Client Commission Details
Veddel The terrible thunder god, Takemikazuchi, has been awakened by the Arcana power. You must head to Kamma Wind Cave in order to obtain the Arcana. Takemikazuchi has the ability to transform you into a tiny shadow of yourself. Hehe, can't wait to see that--er, that is to say, to save yourself, try to destroy the stones that glitter!

Quest CounterEdit

Client Commission Details
Slayers Guild More and more people are seeing unsettling thunderclouds around Kamma Wind Cave. This can only mean that Takemikazuchi has returned! Should you be robbed of your strength, search for the glittering keystones and smash them. That is your only chance for victory. Go to Kamma Wind Cave and defeat Takemikazuchi!


You start with access to only four areas. There is a gate blocking the way to Area 3 where the Otherworld portal is located. The guardian to unlock this gate is located in Area 2, a Skeleton. In battle, it is accompanied by a Blaze Goblin. The Otherworld portal can be found in either Area 3 or 5, and it can travel to either area.