Introduction Edit

Spica is an Unspecified creature first encountered in Mission 45: Fighting Valkyrie (Chapter 8). Fighting from the skies, she is capable of various attacks, from throwing her blade to creating explosive magic attacks. Exercise caution when first encountering this creature and take your time to attack and learn the attacks.

Attacks Edit

  • Blade Throw
  • Explosive Fireball
  • Pulse Raiser

Strategy Edit

She is an aerial attacker, throwing her blade and using magic. She can also attack from close to the ground, causing your pulse to hit maximum if it's not blocked or avoided. Whenever she throws her blade, try to send it back to damage and cause her to fall to the ground, allowing you to attack her from up close.

Item DropsEdit

  • Witch Bone
  • Witch Skull
  • Witch's Armband
  • Witch Talon
  • Witch Eye
  • Witch's Sword Bit

Core Drop Edit

  • Spica Core

In-Game Description Edit

-none- A sky-dweller illuminated by a rosy, red inner light. Her swift blade dices her foes in the twinkling of an eye.
Bold Spica
-none- -coming soon-


  • Just like Grendel, Spica's thrown sword can be reflected back at her.
  • When using a Firelance with the Grand Crusher Battle Art equipped , it is possible to stop her Pulse Raiser attack if timed correctly.
  • Spica is also the name of the brightest star in the Virgo constellation.