Introduction Edit

Slimes can be encountered starting in Chapter 4. Their resistances vary depending on their coloration.

Attacks Edit

  • They swiftly move they hands in a circular motion, thereby hurting you when you don't guard yourself. They do this when you are around it.
  • They stretch their hands with quite long distance, they will try to reach or damage you.
  • Blind: Green and Indigo Slimes will spit out dark substance at you, thereby blinding or weakening your sight of vision if you do not guard or avoid the attack.
  • Blood Slimes will throw fireballs at you that explode on impact and damage any player within the explosion radius.

Strategy Edit

  • Green and Indigo Slimes are resistant to all physical attacks, but they can be stunned by using Magic Card attacks, such as Fire or Thunder (both recommended); once they are stunned, IMMEDIATELY start attacking with your weapon before they recover.
  • Blood Slimes reflect ALL Magic attacks, sending them back at you to deal double the Magic attack's damage. Stun them by using physical attacks; while they are also resistant to physical attacks, they will eventually be stunned from the attacks, allowing you to deal damage to them.

Item Drops Edit

  • Gooey Jelly
  • Gooey Goop
  • Gooey Essence
  • Gooey Skin
  • Ocean Drops
  • Natural Glue 
  • Blue Gooey Eye (Indigo Slime)
  • Blue Gooey Poison (Indigo Slime)
  • Red Gooey Guts (Blood Slime)
  • Red Gooey Venom (Blood Slime)

Core Drops Edit

  • Slime Core

In-Game Description Edit

Green Slime
Icon-Seabeast An omnivorous blob that will eat anything in its path. It cares only about satisfying its immense appetite.
Indigo Slime
Icon-Seabeast A lifeform of no fixed shape, it preys on anything it can find. Its liquid limbs possess no will of their own, but divide and grow without cease.
Blood Slime
Icon-Seabeast A formless creature born of dark magical arts, its foul limbs can render all spells and enhancements null and void.