Introduction Edit

Pollux is an Unspecified creature that is first encountered in Mission 41: Desert Sun (Chapter 8). This heavy armored creature is a dangerous creature when you're at ranged

Item DropsEdit

  • Mech Barrel
  • Mech Armor
  • Mech Valve
  • Mech Reactor
  • Mech Cogwheel
  • Mech Crystal
  • Mech Brain (Pollux Z)
  • Mech Condenser (Pollux Z)

Core Drop Edit

  • Pollux Core

In-Game Description Edit

-none- Surfacing from the darkest depths of the earth, this heavily-armored creature is hell-bent on destroying all in its path with baleful beams of light.
Pollux Z
-none- Revived using ancient arts, the Z in its name stands for finality: its deadly beam spells the end for any unfortunate enough to get in its way.