Introduction Edit

Phantoms are skull-looking enemies that have lanterns under them. These creatures are first encountered when you start to scale the Scarlet Tower to confront Vermillion.

Attacks Edit

Fireball: Phantoms unleash a fire-based attack from the lantern hanging from them from a distance to the player; this can be avoided just by moving to the sides, but it can be dangerous when facing multiple Phantoms at once.

Self-Destruct: After enough damage has been dealt, the Phantom will initiate a timed "self-destruct" sequence and start to close in on the player; this sequence seems to remove any chances of acquiring items from them (will be tested further)

Item Drops Edit

  • Spectral Horn
  • Spectral Tongue
  • Spectral Talisman
  • Spectral Lantern
  • Spectral Cranium
  • Spectral Mandible (Phantom Peril)

Cores Edit

  • Phantom Core