A humanoid beast with the head of a bull. Its adamantine arms wield an ax the can decimate opponents and shake earth itself.


  • Charge: Easy to dodge; the charge will break your defense if blocked.
  • Ax Attack: Minotaurs will attack you with their ax.
    • When in Rage Mode, this attack becomes a combo
  • Block: Not really an attack, but Minotaurs will block your attacks.


  • Firelances are not recommended for use against Minotaurs
  • If they block, you can attack them from behind, or you can try to destroy their block.
    • One-handed swords are effective as they are quick
  • When their Rage Mode expires, they collapse, tired. You will then have the chance to finish them off.

Item DropsEdit

  • Bovine Bone
  • Bovine Horn
  • Bovine Tooth
  • Bovine Hide
  • Bovine Hoof
  • Bovine Armband
  • Bull's Nose Ring ( Gozu Tenno )
  • Bovine Tongue
  • Bull's Spine ( Gozu Tenno )


  • Minotaur Core