Introduction Edit

A living root, the Mandrake is feared as a bringer of death. Its piercing shriek tears through the souls of the living and causes the gates of the netherworld to creak open.

Mandrake has two upgraded versions: Mandrake Oddity, which is "2nd gen" and is a blue platte swap and Mandrake Mutant which is "3rd gen" which is greenish gray with black marks.


  • Attack 1: The Mandrake creates a green field around himself and damages all fools who try to come close, also temporary reducing their damage.
  • Attack 2: The Mandrake creates a mass of darkness and strike the target with it.
  • Summoning: The Mandrake dances around and summons an ally to aid them, the ally depends on the variation. Mandrake calls Drake Shade, Mandrake Oddity calls Griffin Nemesis.


  • Using a Firelance to beat Mandrakes from a distance is a good idea.
  • With One-Handed Swords you can deal with them if you are fast enough. Just make sure you Coup them before they call a Drake Shade.
  • When paired with other monsters Mandrakes should die first, whatever the cost.
  • If you equip the Siege Arts orb, the Mandrake can't call reinforcements.
  • They can also flee.
  • Mandrakes can also do alot of damage it's good not to only fear there reinforcement calling

Item DropsEdit

  • Veggie Peel
  • Veggie Tuber
  • Veggie Sap
  • Daemon Spike
  • Blue Veggie Parasite ( Mandrake Oddity )
  • Gold Veggie Bud ( Mandrake Mutant )
  • Golden Veggie Flower ( Mandrake Mutant )


  • Mandrake Core


  • The Mandrake, also known as the Mandragora, is a mythical plant with roots shaped like a small human. When uprooted, it unleashes a horrible scream, said to sound like the wail of a dying child. This scream either deafens or instantly kills those who hear it, depending on the story.