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The ninth Arcana Release quest, this pits you in the Rivenhelt Ruins to locate and defeat Siegfried, the Knight of the Abyss. This quest will test you in various ways, as attacking him from the front will likely result in being countered. Completing this quest will give you access to Rivenhelt Ruins and Chapter 10.

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Client Commission Details
Veddel Siegfried, the Legendary Knight clad in silver armor. He, too, has been sealed away by the Arcana and his soul ensnared. If you truly wish to become our Lord Ruler, you must defeat him and obtain the Arcana. But be warned: you cannot be hasty and simply throw yourself against his shield, for it will repel everything. Take your time and plan your assault carefully.

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Client Commission Details
Slayers Guild We have received reports of numerous Siegfried sightings at the Rivenhelt Ruins. He's not a problem on his own, but he is causing all the other nearby monsters to go crazy. We at the guild cannot just sit back and do nothing. We must set out to help immediately! Any warrior that can shatter Siegfried's shield, come join us!