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Four Users in the Guild House

The multiplayer hub of Lord of Arcana, found within Porto Carillo.

Upon entering the Player will be prompted with a list of the locally available 4-Player Rooms. The Player may then choose to host their own room in a slot designated 'New Room'.

When a Player has created a room it is important to note that other players may only join before the Player chooses a quest. Even entering the dialogue before choosing will prompt the room to be closed off.

In the room are these available vendors:

When the Host has chosen a quest all Players in the room must approach the opened portcullis and choose to embark upon the quest. This action may be cancelled if all other participants have not selected to depart, however once all have chosen to depart the Players leave the Guild House and begin the selected Quest.

Veddel LotteryEdit

Unique to the Guild House, a lottery is available to players at different prices. There are various effects to be had by paying for the lottory, instead of a single choice there are five different choices available. These choices include:

  • Bottle 1
  • Bottle 2
  • Bottle 3
  • Bottle 4
  • Bottle 5

The effects of these bottles have so far been found to be increments in arcana activity, guild point rewards, quest rewards and time increase. All of these also increase in different magnitudes from Slight, Minor and Increase to Greatly. The correlation between bottles and effects is not yet known.