Introduction Edit

Griffins are aerial creatures first encounter in Chapter 4. They are capable of releasing wind-like razors while flying or at the ground. They can also destroy items, making them an annoying and troubling foe. (Only their charge attack destroys items.)

Alternate Forms Edit

  • Griffin Nemesis - this variant moves faster than it's regular counterpart


  • Wind Blades: Shoots 3 wind blades at you. A long range attack that cannot be perfect guarded and will damage you if you do block it.
  • Somersault: Griffin does a backflip, hitting any character in front of it. Used when the character is very close.
  • Feather Dance: Flaps its wings a couple of times and then spins its body around, damaging any units surrounding the Griffin. The wings will also damage the character and if you are too close them they will damage you many times, setting the player up for a stunlock and another extra hit when it spins its body around.
  • Fly: Not really an attack but it will use this when it reaches about half hp and lower. Under normal circumstances, most weapons will not have enough reach to hit the Griffin when it's flying. The Griffin can fly up one or two flight levels. There is very little difference between the two.
  • Dive: The Griffin will dive straight into the player while lowering itself to ground level. If the player gets hit there is a chance that the Griffin will steal a usable item in your inventory (Potions, Hi-potions, etc.). If a Hawkeye Charm is equipped, that item will be stolen instead. Can be perfect guarded and when successful will knock down the Griffin for a brief time. If the distance between you and the Griffin is too short when it does this attack, it will completely miss you.

Item DropsEdit

  • Avian Bone
  • Avian Beak
  • Avian Tail
  • Avian Hide
  • Avian Wing
  • Avian Eye
  • Avian King Tongue (Griffin Nemesis)
  • Avian Claw
  • Avian King Crest (Griffin Nemesis)


  • Griffin Core
  • Griffin Core+ (Griffin Nemesis)

Monster Encyclopedia Edit

Soars the skies like an eagle, rules the ground like a lion. Razor talons cleave the earth, while its tempest blade tears the sky. - Monster Encyclopedia, Griffin

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • When it is flying, if you don't have magic, always be on the opposite site of the arena while dodging any Wind Blades it shoots at you. When it does its dive attack, perfect guard it or dodge forward, allowing you a chance to counterattack.
    • If you have magic, the Thunder card is best used since it can hit the Griffin when it is flying. Just make sure to cast it directly under and as close to the Griffin as possible. Thunder magic also always stuns a normal griffin.
  • If a Griffin recovers from a backflip very quickly and does a second backflip it will follow up by landing beating its wings 3 (or 4) times then unleash a tornado around itself.