The Beast class groups monsters which are either Humanoids like the Goblins and Trolls, or land Animals like the Coeurls and Nidhogg.

List of Beast Monsters (Arcana)Edit

Pic-Goblin Small Pic-Goblin Small Pic-Goblin Small
Goblin Fighter Blaze Goblin Goblin Thug
Pic-Coeurl Small Pic-Coeurl Small Pic-Coeurl Small
Fierce Coeurl Coeurl Frost Coeurl
Pic-Troll Small Pic-Troll Small
Troll Troll Fiend
Pic-Nidhogg Small Pic-Nidhogg Small Pic-Nidhogg Small
Nidhogg Wild Nidhogg Enraged Nidhogg
Pic-Azdaja Small Pic-Azdaja Small
Azdaja Grand Azdaja
Pic-Grendel Small Pic-Grendel Small Pic-Grendel Small
Grendel Grendel Banjax Grendel Annihilate

List of Beast Monsters (Apocalypse)Edit

Pic-Siren Small Pic-Siren Small
Siren Disaster Siren
Pic-Cockatrice Small Pic-Cockatrice Small
Cockatrice Violent Cockatrice



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