Introduction Edit

Well-balanced between attack and defense. Enables quick movement and rapid attacks. Good for players who like their battles fast and furious. Also good choice for players who fight solo.

Battle Arts Edit

Turning Cut
Level learned: Default
A quick strike using the turning momentum of the weapon. Fairly strong, but you may want to replace it with Will of the Wisp or Sword Dance at the appropriate levels instead.Can be used to easily deflect Grendel's sword throw which can help mostly for that

Will of the Wisp
Level learned: 6
Two powerful strikes, a launching stab, a magical flurry, and finally an uppercut.
Arguably the most damaging 1H sword skill, this ability barrages your opponent with a flurry of swordplay and magic. Not really recommended against bosses because it leaves you standing there, and if you miss, there could be fatal consequences.

Sword Dance
Level learned: 8 -> 9 -> 12 -> 14
The first non-max skill learned for 1H sword. Each level-up the skill gains enables an additional attack.
Level 1 - Stick your sword in the ground and perform an uppercut
Level 2 - Perform a cleaving cross slash
Level 3 - A forward thrust
Level 4 - Warps behind opponent and slashes
No comments on this skill yet.

Force Saber
Level learned: 16
Coats your sword in a glowing aura for additional damage and range (doubles the length of the weapon). Has a large pulse increase (recommended to use Cardiac Brew). Has three levels of charge:
1 - Light Blue aura
2 - Green aura
3 - Orange aura
Duration is approximately 25 seconds, using the skill again increases the duration by 7 seconds. Third level of charge increases attacking speed.
After drawing sword from ground it does a slight damage increase.


Gladius Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Gladius White 729 365 Yes
IndentLHeavy Gladius Green 366 389 Gladius
IndentBIndentLPower Gladius Green 792 660 Heavy Gladius
IndentBIndentBIndentLGladius Max Green 1556 Power Gladius
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMaster Gladius Green 3201 Gladius Max
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Gladius Master Gladius
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLPrecious Gladius Max
IndentBIndentLHard Gladius Purple 811 676 Heavy Gladius
IndentBIndentBIndentLGreat Gladius Purple 2680 Hard Gladius
IndentBIndentLClaiomh Solais White 1116 558 Yes Heavy Gladius

Rapier Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Rapier White 756 378 Yes
IndentLHigh Rapier Green 598 499 Rapier
IndentBIndentLHard Rapier Green 894 745 High Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentLFine Rapier Green 1526 1272 Hard Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLStrong Rapier Green 2284 1904 Fine Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHunter Rapier Blue 4961


2481 Yes Strong Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLRapier Max Green 2656 2214 Strong Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGreat Rapier Rapier Max
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMaster Rapier Great Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Rapier Master Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLBeast Rapier God Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHauteclaire Yellow 1640 1367 Fine Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentLFirangi Blue 2355 1178 Yes Hard Rapier

'Lightning' Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Lightning Green 762 381 Yes
IndentLSuper Lightning Lightning
IndentLSaint Lightning Super Lightning

'Godbringer' Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Godbringer Green 880 440 Yes
IndentLBeastbringer Green



894 Yes Godbringer
IndentLHard Edge Godbringer Yellow 1083 Godbringer
IndentLFine Edge Godbringer Yellow 4047 Hard Edge Godbringer

Sword of Dragoon Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Sword of Dragoon Green 2025 1013 Yes
IndentLSword of Vermillion Yes Sword of Dragoon

Hauteclaire Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Hauteclaire Yellow 1640 1367 Fine Rapier
IndentLHauteclair Slicer Hauteclaire
IndentBIndentLHauteclaire Cutter Yellow 2721 Hauteclaire Slicer
IndentBIndentBIndentLHauteclaire Ripper Hauteclaire Cutter
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHauteclaire Thrust Hauteclaire Ripper
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLOctocryl Hauteclaire Hauteclaire Thrust
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLKris Naga Hauteclaire Ripper

Claiomh Solais Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Claiomh Solais White 1116 558 Yes Heavy Gladius
IndentLHeavy Claiomh Solais - - 678 Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentLPower Claiomh Solais - 1753 - Heavy Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentBIndentLStrong Claiomh Solais Power Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGreat Claiomh Solais Purple 3081 Strong Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentBIndentLHard Claiomh Solais Power Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLClaiomh Solais Max Green 2835 Hard Claiomh Solais
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Claiomh Solais Claiomh Solais Max
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLClaiomh Solais Master Green 4042 Claiomh Solais Max
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLAstral Yes Hard Claiomh Solais

Precious Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Precious White 5682 2841 Yes Gladius Max
IndentLHeavy Precious Yellow 4705 3922 Precious
IndentBIndentLPower Precious Yellow 5499 4583 Heavy Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentLMax Precious Yellow 7493 6245 Power Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGreat Precious Yellow 9600 8000 Max Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Precious Great Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLVorpal Weapon Blue 9175 7646 Max Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLPowered Vorpal Weapon Vorpal Weapon
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLVorpal Weapon Spiral Powered Vorpal Weapon
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHellgate Vorpal Weapon Vorpal Weapon Spiral
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLVorpal Weapon Nemesis Vorpal Weapon Spiral
IndentBIndentBIndentLCall Brand Power Precious
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHeavy Call Brand Call Brand
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGreat Call Brand Heavy Call Brand
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLGod Call Brand Great Call Brand

Hunter Rapier Tree Edit

Name Rarity Price Sell Price Manufacture Enhanced From
Hunter Rapier Blue 4961 2481 Yes Strong Rapier
IndentLCoated Hunter Rapier Green 5070 4225 Hunter Rapier
IndentBIndentLRapier Slash Hunter Green 6142 5119 Coated Hunter Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentLStrong Hunter Rapier Rapier Slash Hunter
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLFine Hunter Rapier Strong Hunter Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLFine Rapier Hunter Court Fine Hunter Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHunter Rapier Knight Fine Rapier Hunter Court
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHunter Foil Fine Hunter Rapier
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLHoly Hunter Foil Hunter Foil
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLSaint Hunter Foil Holy Hunter Foil
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLSacred Hunter Foil Saint Hunter Foil
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLMaster Hunter Foil - 1640 - Saint Hunter Foil
IndentBIndentBIndentLTidal Rapier Rapier Slash Hunter
IndentBIndentBIndentBIndentLTidal Rapier Ltd

Tidal Rapier

Beastbringer Tree Edit

Name Attack M-Attack Agility Luck Enhanced From
Beastbringer 297 26 21 20 Godbringer
Hard Edge Beastbringer 394 31 21 20 Beastbringer
Chaosbringer 410 36 21 20 Hard Edge Beastbringer
Hard Edge Chaosbriner 456 40 21 20 Chaosbringer

Grudgebringer Tree Edit

Name Attack M-Attack Agility Luck Enhanced From
Grudgebringer 337 29 17 20 Super Lightning
Bright Grudgebringer 374 33 17 20 Grudgebringer
Grudgebringer Voltage 454 40 17 20 Bright Grudgebringer

Astral Tree Edit

Name Attack M-Attack Agility Luck Enhanced From
Astral 355 27 21 20 Hard Claiomh Solais
Astral Fire 384 32 21 20 Astral
-coming soon-

Moralta Tree Edit

Name Attack M-Attack Agility Luck Enhanced From
Moralta 390 32 21 20
Moralta Beast 419 35 33 20 Moralta